Hi. I'm Natan.
I'm a programmer, mostly focused on iOS development and Apple platforms, working at Monday.com. Although I learned how to program in Objective-C (and I love it!), coding in Swift is much more fun!
I also have experience with server-side applications in Node.js and Vapor (Swift), web development (Rails, React.js and Vue.js), and did some basic DevOps engineering. These technologies I learned in my side projects.
As someone passionate about design and interacting with people, every pixel and every person is important.
I grew up in São Paulo 🇧🇷, where I got my BSc in Pharmacy and Biochemistry at Universidade de São Paulo. In the end of my graduation, I decided to do my first iPhone app – it was a huge challenge! Then, I did some other apps, and discovered a new passion in my life.
You can read my blog,
my articles at Kodeco.com,
or find me in the links below.
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